How To Remove Rug Stains

Adding a rug to a room can add a decorative accent to that room, or it can even allow for more comfortable walking across that
hardwood floor. The problem comes when a stain pops up from a pet, a spill, or some other unknown reason. Then the issue
becomes how to remove the stain. We recommend using rug cleaning Dubai but following are some recommendations on what
steps to take in order to remove that pesky stain quickly, and for good.

1. First, the rug needs to be vacuumed. Vacuum the rug thoroughly both front and back. Make sure to remove all loose dust and debris
in order to get that stain.

2. You’ll want to use an actual rug cleaner or possibly a mild dish detergent to clean the stain. Before you use any cleaner, test the
cleaner on an inconspicuous location on the rug. Make sure the colors in the rug stay put. You don’t want to remove the stain only to
remove the colors in the rug.

3. If everything checks out, go ahead and wash the stain. Scrub it thoroughly with a brush. Any type of brush will work just fine. Use a
scrub brush, tooth brush, really any kind of brush. Brush the cleaner or detergent into the affected area.

4. Make sure to rinse the area well after scrubbing. Get all of the soap out of the fabric. Make certain that no soap remains to cause
another type of stain later.

5. Remove any excess water to make drying go faster.

6. Dry the area well. Once again, not drying well could create a whole new stain.

7. After drying, the area may be matted down. The stain might be gone, but the fibers within the rug have been brushed and wetted
down whereas the rest hasn’t been. Go through and brush up the area to match the rest of the rug, or feather it into the rest of the

Spotting a stain on your rug may cause a moment of panic. With a little bit of your time and some elbow grease, the stain will be
a thing of the past.