Sofa Cleaning Tips

The most important tip on how to clean your sofa is a technique to apply before it’s time to clean it. That is, right after you
purchase the sofa before you remove the tags. Depending on what kind of sofa you purchase, whether it’s natural fabric or
leather, cotton blend or linen, polyester or microfiber, you need to check the tags for any cleaning instructions, such as whether
it’s okay to use water, whether you should use a solvent only, or whether you should only use a vacuum. At any rate we
recommend using sofa cleaning Dubai. Let the professionals make sure you sofa gets clean without damaging it.

Of course, if it’s a leather sofa, you should follow the correct instructions for cleaning leather. Research online for details. If your
sofa is covered with some kind of fabric, in preparation for cleaning you should first vacuum the entire couch. Then use a clean,
dry, towel or washcloth to do a first brushing off–breaking up and getting rid of any dried-on spots or hardened stuff that’s
hidden in the nooks and crannies. You need a white cloth because the dye in a colored cloth may change the color of your fabric.

Believe it or not, the next step is to sprinkle your couch with baking soda, and leave it for 20 minutes to an hour. This will help
get rid of smells and break up stains. Then vacuum the baking soda off using a brush attachment.

At this point you can create your own mixture of dish washing liquid, white vinegar, baking soda, etc. to clean your sofa. Follow
on-line instructions to get the right proportion of each ingredient.

Once you’re finished, use a hair dryer, or let your couch dry naturally. For prevention purposes in the future, use baby wipes for
spot cleaning, and vacuum weekly.

If you do not trust yourself enough to do the job yourself, you can hire professionals to either whisk away your sofa and return it
spotless, or some professionals will come in and do on-site cleaning.